Descrição de DEAD WARFARE: Zombie

Save the world from a massive army of zombies in Dead Warfare: Zombie.

It’s 2072, the world is completely overrun by zombies and the people are left with no option but to live underground or inside abandoned buildings. But a group of survivors, called MPS-16, decides to go on a mission to save some scientists, in hopes of finding a cure for the disease.

You, as a player, can now join them in their quest and take out millions of zombies on the way. Explore many different locations with unique challenges and secrets!

Create an awesome squad with your preferred characters and skillset and venture into the infected world. You’ll encounter and save other survivors, find cool supplies and deadlier weapons. Don’t forget that you also have to protect your home base!

Your teammates have unique abilities and different classes. Certain weapons and classes will work better with differemt zombies and, of course, your characters will level up as you progress. There’s a whole strategy element to assembling the perfect killer team.

There’s a huge arsenal of weapons to pick from and a whole variety of zombies and giant bosses, so you’ll need to choose your weapon of choice carefully. Take your time and look at your guns in a 3D gallery, customize them and add effects to them to make them more powerful.

Compete against others real players around the world and compare your achievements. You can attack each other’s bases for supplies and food. Get ready; the competition is fierce!

To top it all off, the game looks and plays great: responsive controls, tight FPS gameplay, realistic 3D characters, beautiful environments and lighting effects and unique characters.

The fate of the world is in your hands and the zombie infection won’t disappear without your help. Join the fight in Dead Warfare: Zombie.


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